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Buyer Service is a service offered by MYB srl

Buyer Services

Often we happen to see a product or service on the internet that we would like to buy or to have found an interesting supplier that resides in a non-EU country, we would like to conclude the purchase on the internet but we are afraid that something will go wrong, this happens because it does not we know nothing about this supplier or because we do not know the national and community regulations concerning the article in question. Buying on unknown sites or on the internet can prove to be a bad experience both in the purchase phase where we could be defrauded and in the next phase when the product is shipped, because we only discover later that in order to import that product, a series of documents were needed and certifications that we didn't know existed. By choosing our Sevrices Buyer service, you will have the security of not being cheated because we will be the only intermediaries in the payments and we will inform you about the national and community regulations necessary to import this product.

Sales Services is a service offered by MYB srl

Sales Services

Thanks to our team of highly qualified agents, we can promote and increase your sales, We offer tailor-made services for all Manufacturers and Distributors who want to promote their products or Brands both in the Italian and in the International market

Introducer Services is a service offered by MYB srl

Introducer Services

We introduce your products and brands into new markets. Using a mixed marketing system (analytical, strategic, and operational) allows us to adapt perfectly to the needs of our customers and reach their ideal spending budget assigned for the promotion and marketing of their brand.

Import Export Services is a service offered by MYB srl

Import Export Services

Shipping has never been easier! Our team is made up of well-established professionals in the sector (MTO Multimodal Operators, Local Agents, Cargo Node Managers, etc ...) together we are able to offer excellent services, We are able to transport any type of goods in the IMPORT and EXPORT phase, taking care of both the logistical and bureaucratic aspect (customs assistance, product certifications).

Logistics Services is a service offered by MYB srl

Logistics Services

Our Logistic Points specialize in providing end-to-end logistics solutions. We make the best use of all the company resources of our network (fleet of trucks, warehouse, internal management systems) and our partnerships with the best shipowners and worldwide forwarders, to provide a truly simple and flexible logistics solution. We simplify the process and offer our customers world-class reporting and real-time tracking for their entire life cycle.

Logistics Services is a service offered by MYB srl

(SR) Services

Our service centers dedicated to OEMs (equipment manufacturers) or distributors, are designed for all manufacturers or large distributors that operate outside their territory, and need to offer technical assistance for their products.

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