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MYB srl is a company specialized in International Intermediation of Goods and Services. Our group of professionals includes Buyers, Sellers, Analysts, Networkers and professionals from various sectors, who working together as a group but in their own entrepreneurial autonomy, doing so all together we are able to offer unique and quality services. Our services and products are aimed primarily at international producers and small and medium-sized companies that today have to face the problem of globalization and the consequent increase in competition; naturally we do not exclude the single private customer who is looking for excellent purchase prices and quality products, being able to dedicate very affordable offers.

In What We Believe

We believe that quality and above all efficiency are the basis of every highly successful service or product, we believe in the great strength of the Network and we are sure we can always offer the best solution for our customers' needs!

Our Mission

Being able to offer everyone, practical and functional unique services, become a reference point for small and medium-sized enterprises and for members of our Social Groups and Collective Collecting Groups, Designing innovative solutions for our customers. < / p>

Strategic Orientation

Creativity and Collaboration are our starting points and distinguish us in our work. We are constantly looking for highly talented professionals who want to get involved and above all possess the ability to develop new and innovative approaches that can be offered to our customers and partners.

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